Alternative Treatment for Depression

Ketamine Becoming Effective Treatment for Long-Term Depression

Dr. Steven Reichbach was recently featured in an article in Sarasota Magazine about how ketamine is being used for those suffering from long-term depression.

According to this article, treatment-resistant depression (TRD) patients struggle to find effective therapies that provide relief and improve their mental state. While traditional antidepressants can be effective for some, others are not experiencing relief.

Dr. Reichbach describes ketamine as a sustained antidepressant due to its capability of strengthening dendritic spines and improving synapses which would otherwise be eaten away by trauma and depression.

β€œThe science really reveals that the physical changes in the mood centers of the brain start to happen almost immediately,” says Dr. Reichbach.

Ketamine should be used under close supervision of a physician or an adequately trained medical professional.

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