Bekki’s Journey: Overcoming Pain & Rediscovering Life With Ketamine Therapy

In 2007, after giving birth to her youngest son, Bekki J. of Myakka City, Florida, started experiencing numbness and tingling in her legs. She visited a spinal specialist and was diagnosed with a syrinx, a condition called syringomyelia, which required a shot in her spinal cord. Five years later, she received another life-altering diagnosis: multiple sclerosis (MS). 

While painting her oldest son's room in 2017, she collapsed and became wheelchair-bound. The pain from her conditions persisted, and traditional MS treatments offered no relief. In despair, she attempted to end her life not once, but three separate times. Her husband began to seek alternative options for her, then he heard about ketamine.

Bekki decided to meet with Dr. Steven Reichbach at Reichbach Center, who told her that she had complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS). Dr. Reichbach recommended ketamine IV therapy as a solution to address the CRPS pain. By her second session, Bekki was able to sleep through the night for the first time in three years. By the end of two weeks, she could walk with the aid of a walker.

Apart from alleviating physical pain, ketamine also provided relief from depression and anxiety. It enabled her to regain her joy for life and be fully present for her family. Her daughter noticed the positive change and tearfully expressed, "I feel like I got my mom back."

“Thankfully, Dr. Reichbach got me on the right treatments, and I'm still walking on my UPWalker, but I'm living my best life. [I’m] not taking a second for granted.”

Before ketamine therapy, Bekki’s wheelchair-bound existence prevented her from attending her children's events. Now, she is able to actively participate in their lives, attend social gatherings, manage her business events, and once again contribute to the football boosters. She aspires to dance with her sons at their weddings and walk her youngest son across the 50-yard line during his senior night for football.

Bekki travels from her rural area in Manatee County to Sarasota for treatment, a journey she considers doable for the immense benefits she has gained. Ketamine therapy not only eased her physical pain but also allowed her to confront past traumas and break the generational cycle for the sake of her children.

“Reflecting on her experience, Bekki encourages others in pain not to settle for conventional approaches alone. “It's your life. Take a chance on yourself. Don't settle for ‘Well, you’re just going to be on Percocet for the rest of your life,’” she says. “I can tell you my depression and my pain are a hundred percent better. My life is completely different.”

“Don't just let them run you through the mill of this pain doctor, that pain doctor. Look at your options. To me, my first option would be to go consult with a ketamine specialist,” she adds. “It's not as scary as what people say. It's completely safe. You're monitored the entire time, and it will save your life. It will change everything. Your pain will be gone. It will be gone. I just sent a friend of mine who has chronic pain to [Dr. Reichbach]. I've told her I wouldn't be here without Dr. Reichbach. I just I would not be here without him. If I had not found him, I wouldn't have made it through Christmas.“ 

Through this journey, Bekki has not only regained her physical abilities but also rediscovered her smile, joy, and hope for the future.

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